Sunday 21 November 2021

My PTE Exam Journey : PTE Practice Website with AI Scoring

Dear PTE exam candidates,

I would love to share some website I used to practice for my PTE examination.

On my test day last year, 2021

PTE Tools

This site is good for practicing Read Aloud. We need to buy some subscription plan for accessing the question bank. However, this site is offering around 20 questions with AI scoring to practice for free.

Language Academy

This site is smooth, simple and fast. Offering a free question with AI scoring is good for student to save a money. There are extra features that help us to analyze and track our practicing record.


The famous tools that normally student use to practice and doing mock test. Usually the AI scoring not really accurate but still good to practice to get familiar with the question. Need to purchase some package to access more question. There are a free token if you want to practice with AI scoring daily.

PTE Magic

New website and simple interface. Good to have a practice. Need to purchase some package to access more questions.


The crowded interface and takes time for AI scoring. I just came here for sometimes. Also have some tokens if you don't want to buy their package.

These are the websites I used to practice everyday. Kindly share your site too for practicing.

Next, I will share with you guys which youtube channel I normally used to get some tips and tricks that really helpful.

Good luck in your exam!

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